Meni Weizmann The Man and his Work

"timing, everything in life is timing," says Haim Ramon, asking how the Histadrut man MENI WEIZMANN  of the Wzo became acquainted with the capital tycoon. "He arrived to Europe, Berlin, and bought property there while the price was 300-200 euros (today, the price is about 9,000 euros). He knew how to get funding, and beyond that, Meni was a genius in human relations and public relations, with many daring dreams. The meeting between his sense of entrepreneurship and the successful timing spawned the money and the success. Alongside his work in the Histadrut-where he served in various positions, the last one in which the head of the spokesman and the public-speaking wing, he served as chairman of the Handball Association and dealt with the local politics of Nes Ziona. He was a member of the Council, he served as the deputy mayor, and even faced the mayor, but lost to Yossi, who served as mayor until the last elections. During the 90's he also served as member of the Board of Directors of the Broadcasting Authority. In recent years, Weizmann has established a young family in Amsterdam. He married Anna, with Polish citizenship younger than a few decades, and two small children three and a half years old.

His children who run the Empire

Meni Weizmann, born in Nes Ziona, the youngest son, after two brothers, grew up in the city. Married Rachel, a farmer's family artist based in Karmei Yosef, who was divorced and had a child, Tamir, and later born two sons-Liran, 43, and Nir, 40, who are currently in the front of his business.

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