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Personal movies and family movies

your exciting story can turn into an exciting and amazing personal film for a man and his work after the previous films that we have produced and based on the glorifies of Ceo Benny Gaon,Ex Prime Minister Ehud Barak we will be happy to produce and direct a documentary film for the film's hero from the beginning and his contribution to the family and the company

we will be assisted in archival fragments, video and stills throughout the years of his activity, a documentary that will scan the personal and professional biography of the film's hero to future generations.

Because each family has a fascinating story in the past of the family, they are the heroes of the actual film. We will be happy to produce and direct you a personal, family-oriented film that will be the property of corner stone for the current generation and future generations

Sivan Productions address the audience as widely as possible in reasonable production costs equal to every soul, when each film in production meets rigorous and professional requirements

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