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Produced and directed the film THE RIVLINS - 200 YEARS OF CREATIVITY AND CONTRIBUTION.

A comprehensive film about the Rivlin tribe which numbers over 50,000 persons. Amongst them: Rabbi MENACHEM PORUSH, RUBY RIVLIN, RIVKA MICHAELI,  MISHAEL CHESHIN, LEORA RIVLIN and many more. broadcasted on IBA


Heading 5

The film is decorated with contrasts: Seffy Rivlin talks about cancer but laughs with the audience.

Sad inbal at the beginning of the film  seeks into herself and ends up smiling and satisfied.

Eliezer Rivlin – Supreme justice the grandfather photographed with his little grandchildren who compare the conditions of their lives, and completed him the retired Supreme Court Justice Mishael Cheshin. Stills and archival fragments in black and white are combined and excerpts from ancient and modern Jerusalem.   Danny Rivlin, son of Gideon, speaks of the contribution of the Conference company which is the third largest in the world, for nurturing medicine in various places like in Africa.

Hani explained that they had, but they did not say, we deserve it, but we have a responsibility to everyone.

Nitzan spoke of the fulfillment of a country in the making--about her parents at Kibbutz Gesher who were looking for the challenge-the hardest, hottest, most mosquito-spot. The mother of Nitzan, told the dream to build his own protection and settle on the border.  

Oren Rivlin spoke of the preservation of unity and the connection between the family members.

In summary: The message from the film is that the family is involved in the main currents of Israeli society – in politics, academia, art, law and theater, and paved the way for the young of the family in Israel and abroad to continue this tradition in the future. It is a film that can certainly fit the screening at the film Festival.  

Thank you, Ekel...for your excellent producing and directing this outstanding film..


Orly Rivlin-driman


                                                                                                                                                My impression of the film "RIVLINS"

producer and director-EKEL SIVAN

The film is excellent and attractive, the content and the messages are excellent. The music in the background is really beautiful-Banai SINGING, David Broza, and the song above the summit of Yehoram Gaon, a very moved genius and even Ruby Rivlin sings a song in Arabic. There is also a song in the background of the Israeli song Choir. The photos are great-from ground-to-air photos to aerial photos, the Ministry of tourism used them in pride.  Inbal Rivlin the actress is stunning, professional, occupying and beautiful. She who is paralyzed from Roots asks Robbie: "What are you going to tell your girl is cut off?" and he explains that a hundred and twenty years before Herzl has already sent his offspring to settle. The common motif in the film is for initial, early vision, giving and courage.  The film is amusing and comic – there are funny passages with Caspi, Laura Rivlin and Rivka Michaeli. Robbie tells Ahmad Tibi about his father who translated "Scheherazade" and speaks of equal rights.  Most of the interviewees were the same background in childhood of poverty, but they all learned from their parents about giving and everyone built themselves and contributed to the company.

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