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אקל סיון

Love and disappearance of the body and soul

The Book: Magical Non Existence "HIDALON KASUM" 

By the author: EKEL SIVAN

Date: 2008 Number of pages: 174

The book "Magical Non Existence" by EKEL SIVAN – from the founders of Channel 2, producer and director, is a masterpiece that combined imagination and reality that complement each other. On the backdrop of the magical landscapes of Jerusalem, and in the background of childhood memories and adolescence, the author of the story takes the reader on a magical, romantic and sexy journey between childhood in the past, and hospitalization at the present hospital.  ASI, the hero of the story, moves on the timeline back and forth between his childhood in the early state and the present hospital where he is hospitalized, with a short glimpse of the future. He recalls the joy and the thrill of youth, the first loves in the city in a conservative atmosphere of the duty to save the virginity to the wedding, the first love games on the Goren in a society that is based on the kibbutz, and adolescence in the United States during the flower Generation and the Woodstock festival accompanied by free sex and drugs in the vision of love and peace, and the end of the war and Vietnam: ' Many young men and women, are partially divided, covered the ground, and having free sex...

Heading 4

Heading 4

The hero's experiences are accompanied by passionate love relationships, passion and erotic descriptions, when the connection between man and woman is always accompanied by the emotion of love, mutual pleasure, commitment and sex descriptions that reflect true love accompanied by romance and foreplay, as love between spouses should be.  I warmly recommend this book that is written in beautiful language, presents a fascinating storyline and an emotion filled with feelings of love and passion as well as moments of sadness. The exciting sexual descriptions can be used as a wonderful and genuine sexual training for all those adolescents who are at the beginning or before a relationship of love and sexuality in their lives can be obtained by the book at the daughter Yifat Sivan 0529200668

The book describes the innocence of the innocent adolescence of the generation of the children of Dor, who is naughty in the youth movement, Kibbutz Galuyot, shame in the relationship of boys-girls and loves: ' We have to understand that our members, movement and the nucleus, subjects like ballroom dances were accepted in disgust and cause the Apprentice or initiation of the movement. Gambling and card games were bell-like and will be heard (Folio 73).  ASI develops a wonderful relationship with his disturbed cousin, and recalls a shared sleep with her at the grandmother's house in Jerusalem, and the discovery of his sexuality: the nights in the shared bed were a broad pillow for a sensual longing, out of a forbidden aspiration to grasp it, caress her neck, and the Laughter (page 19), a passion that accompanied him by his imagination only in the years of acquaintance with her teenage cousin, and with their laughter associated with sexuality in the reading of the Passover Haggadah. "We used to attach a pause to the Bible," breasts were bound to you, or emphasized Ben Zoma says (page 27).  In the present, Assi is an adult patient after a heart attack at the hospital, and in the department he falls in love with Natasha, a young, pretty, divorced doctor, and mother of an individual, and develops a huge love in spite of the stringent procedures in everything concerning patient-doctor relations and the threat of firing the doctor. ASI felt the doctor with great love:...

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