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                             EKEL SIVAN - SIVAN PRODUCTIONS


Name: Ekel Sivan 

Tel: +64224340991    +6475799049






 Tel-Aviv University: B.A. in Film & Television, majored in directing and producing.


Work Experience:



Among the 3 founders of T.V Ch. 2. In this capacity served as the special program director for holidays and special events, and also directed the sports programs – including live programs.


Within this framework initiated, produced and/or directed the following:

  • The series AUDITION, aired for one weekly hour for a year and a half, giving exposure to young artists

  • 100 programs of bedtime stories- DUDU TELLS GULU presented by DUDU TOPAZ

  • 70 programs of SHLUMPI bedtime stories, presented by SHLOMO ARTSI and TSIPI SHAVIT

  • 10 studio programs of a series about the people who established Israel’s cinema - TOTSERET HA-ARETS with GIDI ORSHER as M.C.



1992 – Today   

Director General of Sivan Productions (The company was established during the transfer of the management of Ch. 2 to commercial concessionaires)


As producer and director won numerous tenders of Israel's Second Authority for TV and Radio and productions for Ch. 2




Produced and directed the documentary ONLY THE DARING CONQUER about the revival of the Kur Concern, documenting the activity of  BENNY GAON, with the participation of  PRIME MINISTER YITSHAK RABIN Z’L.





Producer and director of 150 children programs in the Channel 2 series A WANDERING STORY IN ISRAEL -TUKI SHUKI

Producer and director of 60 programs of the series CLOSING A NIGHT with ARNON TSADOK and DUDU ELHARAR - Piquant stories “above and under the belt”, broadcasted every night on Ch. 2




Produced and directed 8 documentaries programs Stories around the world filmed in ITALY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, SCOTLAND, EGYPT, IRELAND, ENGLAND and TURKEY for a series focusing on personal and unique stories in the Jewish world, interlaced with the story of the place. Broadcasted on Ch. 2.




Producer and director of the film THE MANY FACES OF JERUSALEM,  produced for the 3000 year celebration of Jerusalem, translated into many languages and screened abroad.




Produced and directed the series I REMEMBER YOU, in memory of friends who fell in Israel's wars, with SHLOMO ARTSI, YEHORAM GAON, ODED KOTLER and others.


Produced and directed 150 programs of A WANDERING STORY IN ISRAEL AND AROUND THE WORLD in Petra, Jordan, Casablanca and Marakesh in Morocco. Aired on Ch. 2.


Won the tender of the Second Authority to produce 10 documentary films for the series A SMALL PLACE, including: A SMALL PLACE IN THE IDF, A SMALL PLACE IN THE CARDIOLOGY DEPARTMENT of THE SHAREY-TSEDEK HOSPITAL, LIVING IN PEACE AT THE GEFEN HOUSE.




Producer and director of 2 documentaries, 50 minutes each: HI GOLANI FROM DIMONA and BEITAR BUDAPEST JERUSALEM, Aired on Ch.2.


Produced and directed 15 films for the Second Authority's Documentary Block. Among them: CHILDREN OF LIFE and TOUCHING LIFE- 2 films about  Autistic children and adolescents; as well as A DRUZE PORTRAIT and WE ARE ALL LEYLA - broadcasted in the framework of the documentary series SHABBAT SALAM



Producer and director of the film THE JOURNEY TO DECIPHERING THE HUMAN BRAIN, about a group of scientists from different fields, who got together to decipher the complex action of the human brain




Produced and directed 3 documentaries:

  • DAVID GRANIT - AN OFFICER AND A MAN (50 minutes) broadcasted on the Documentary Block and Tel-Ad 2001


  • THE KEY TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.    




Sivan Productions won the tender of the Second Authority to produce 25 programs in the series AUDITION, with presenter MENASHE NOY. The series was broadcasted on Ch. 2 during 2001, until Jan. 15th 2002, and received very positive critiques.




Producer and director of THE 600 DAYS OF EHUD BARAK - the personal side of Ehud Barak during his term as Prime Minister of Israel.




Producer and director for the Second Authority of the third film in the trilogy about autistic people - THE WORLD OF AN AUTISTIC PERSON –broadcasted on Ch. 10 on Dec. 23rd 2004




Produced and directed the film TO SEE PETRA AND SURVIVE with Meir Har-Zion, Rachel Savorai, Kushi Rimon and others. The film brings back heroes from the past to the Red Rock-Petra, recalling the spirit of the adventurers of the fifties. Meir Har-Zion tells his story on television for the first time. 50 minutes, broadcasted on Ch.2.




Producer and director of THE GUYS FROM THE YOUTH MOVEMENT about the customs of Israeli youth movements


Produced and directed MENNY WEIZMAN- THE MAN AND HIS ACTIONS -  the life story of a senior politician who turned into a successful Internatiional businessman, with SHIMON PERES, HAIM RAMON, TSAHI HANEGBI and others. 50 min.




Produced and directed the film THE RIVLINS - 200 YEARS OF CREATIVITY AND CONTRIBUTION. A comprehensive film about the Rivlin tribe which numbers over 50,000 persons. Amongst them: Rabbi MENACHEM PORUSH, RUBY RIVLIN, RIVKA MICHAELI,  MISHAEL CHESHIN, LEORA RIVLIN and many more. broadcasted on IBA




Produced and directed the film TOPOL – LIFE ON STAGE. The story of Chaim Topol is the story of a disappearing generation. This documentary brings the story of Israel's greatest international star – Chaim Topol - who grew up in a poor neighborhood in Tel Aviv, and never lost his modesty, throughout his exceptional career. The film reveals Topol offstage, a family man with a big heart, founder of the Jordan River Village for children with serious illnesses, which belongs to a worldwide network founded by Paul Newman. In this project Topol appears as the ultimate representative of the Beautiful Israel, to which Israelis look back with longing. broadcasted on IBA




Produced and directed the educational documentary STEP BY STEP, for pediatrician Dr. Mina Gurevich. The film follows the development of four infants, from birth to the age of one year, presenting Dr. Gurevich's method and theory – that many problems, from learning disorders to autism, can be prevented by proper guidance during the development process.




Produced and directed a documentary film MAASEH AVRAHAM about ABRAHAM BANAI, the charismatic and talented brother of renowned Israeli performing artists Yossi, Gavri and Yaakov BANAI, and the center and support of the entire Banai tribe for many years. The film includes a brief history of the 'Royal Family' of Israeli entertainment.

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